Using Knowledges

Knowledge characteristics cover a characters education and background- stuff they will just know. Knowledge is always successful- there is no roll, either the character knows something or they don’t. Since knowledge is automatically successful, you only ever put 1 point into a knowledge characteristic.
Often, knowledges will limit what a character can do. For example, without Literacy a character can’t read at all, and without Technology they won’t know how to work with electronic gear. At other times, a player with a relevant knowledge can ask the storyteller for extra information based on what they know.
For example, suppose Murphy from before has the knowledge Trade. She’s running out of bullets for her rifle, and wants to know where she can find more. Pointing out that she has Trade, she asks if she knows anywhere nearby where she could buy some. The storyteller informs her that there’s a village just over the next hill where she might be able to make a deal. If she hadn’t had the right knowledge, she would have had to take a guess and might have been left without supplies until she stumbled on somebody willing to trade.

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