The vast majority of trade is conducted between Skavvies, Herders and Villagers. The economy is simple; Each group produces something the other groups need - salvaged goods, preserved food and technology respectively. Money has fallen out of use, and a barter-based economy has sprung up; both sides in a deal must have something the other side wants. For this reason, the Skavvies have become the main traders in the region, as the group’s tight-knit nature allows a given Skavvie band to locate whichever commodity their trading partners want. Each Skavvie band maintains an intricate network of deals, some of them ongoing and some of them one-off, getting the desired trade items to their contacts and skimming a healthy profit off the top.
Trade with Biker gangs is somewhat more variable. Most are reluctant to deal with them due to their propensity for violent and unpredictable behavior. Despite this, some Biker gangs have a reputation for reliability and have made deals whereby they act as scouts, bodyguards or enforcers for a group in return for supplies. Trade with the Tested is much rarer. Indeed, most would claim it does not happen at all, but a few groups have established non-hostile relations with the cult, and wary trading can occur. Occasionally much larger trade events will occur. Several tribes of Herders, Skavvie bands, mercenary gangs and representatives from a number of villages will congregate on some neutral territory to trade. These events resemble festivals in many ways, with market stalls being set up to trade, and competitions being held between groups for spectacle and prestige.
These events are riddled with political intrigues, with each group trying to outmaneuver their rivals and sometimes blatant assaults and murders occur. For the most part, however, these tensions remain under the surface and the festival is primarily a peaceful place.
Generally in trade, no currency is used. However, certain goods are used as trade commodities between groups as they hold their value and are always in demand. Medicine, luxury foods, alcohol, matches and working mechanical parts are all used in this way. However, the precise value of these goods varies depending on what the supply and demand for it is. A canny trader can make sure they always have those goods considered most valuable, and make a profit in this way. With most trade goods being of variable value in this way, most traders use the cost of a single basic meal as a ‘fixed value’ to compare other values to. Indeed, some traders bundle enough food for a single meal, or large multiples thereof, as a trade-able commodity that retains its value.

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