The Land

The year is now 2010, the region South East England. Those who had survived Mixi inherited an unwelcoming world. Pockets of the infection remain in the cities, carried by a population of feral cats that thrive in the abandoned streets. Buildings lie overgrown and empty, many scattered with the bones of their human inhabitants. Some, such as hospitals and supermarkets, have been raided for supplies but most lie untouched since the outbreak of Mixi. In these empty houses, human skeletons lie, gnawed clean by rats and feral dogs, whilst most useful supplies have rotted or rusted away.
In the countryside, sheep, cattle and other livestock have gone wild, and on an island with few large predators they have flourished. Roads have cracked and sprouted brambles and grass, buildings are overgrown and much of the land is covered with low scrubland. Dotted here and there can be found wrecks of vehicles, or human dwellings.

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