The Effects Of Mixi

What Mixi Does

One of the main threats to player characters over the course of the game is that of Mixi.
A character starts off with no health boxes filled. So long as they have no health boxes filled, they are completely uninfected. Whenever an uninfected character has a chance to contract Mixi, they make an Immunity roll. The difficulty is typically 6, but may be higher or lower depending on the circumstances. If they fail this test, cross off a single Health box- they are now infected.
At the end of every day, there is a chance the character’s condition will worsen. Roll a d6 and add the total number of Health boxes the character has crossed off. If this number is greater than the character’s Immunity score, their condition worsens (their condition does not worsen if their immunity is only equaled). Cross off an additional 1 box if they are Healthy, 2 Boxes if they are Infectious, 3 boxes if they are Sick and 4 boxes if they are Dying.
A character who is Healthy does not appear to carry the disease and is not infectious to others; the sickness is still latent in their system and may remain so for quite some time. A character who is Infectious still shows no outward signs of Mixi other than a slight wheezing, but now the infection has started to progress. At this stage, they can infect those around them unless great care is taken. A character who is Sick is quite obviously infected: their skin is swollen and their eyes begin to force themselves shut. They will be in significant discomfort and rather distressing to look at. A character that is Dying is basically screwed. It is not long until they pass away entirely, and they likely will be blind, struggling to breathe and in significant pain.

Treating Mixi

A character with the Medicine knowledge can use the Healing skill to slow the progress of Mixi, spending an hour or so tending to the patient. The difficulty of the roll is five. The healer takes penalties from the patient’s lost Stamina, Health and Nutrition resistances, just like using healing to treat an injury.
If the healing roll is successful, then the patient is better able to fight off the infection. For that day’s roll to see if the infection progresses, they don’t add the number of crossed-off health boxes to the infection’s roll.
There exists a cure to Mixi, although it’s unreliable and potentially dangerous in its own right. A character who receives the cure is affected just like they’d been poisoned, losing a single stamina box and then the remainder of the row. They can then make an Immunity roll; if they beat difficulty 6, the sickness is purged from them over the course of a day.
This cure is only possessed by the Tested, who guard it jealously as one of their holy rites. Getting access to the cure should never be an easy thing, or even an option in most campaigns.

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