The last most isolated major group is known as by most as the Tested, although they often call themselves God’s Chosen or New Men. The Tested believe that Mixi was sent by some divine power (or is a divine power in its own right) to punish mankind for becoming weak and complacent. They believe that, since clearly only the strong have survived Mixi, Mixi makes one strong. And, the very clear message that has been sent is that mankind must be strong. Therefore, the Tested believe that mankind should be pushed even further, and to that end they infect themselves with Mixi in the hope of developing a resistance to it.
The Tested faith holds a few tenets that are remarkably consistent across the entire British Isles. These are as follows: Life before Mixi came was corrupt and sinful. The Mixi was sent by God, like a second flood, to weed out the deserving from the unworthy. Those who survive and prosper after this cull are chosen by God, having proved their worth. God’s purpose for those who survived is to build a stronger, more righteous society in place of the last.
Added to these central pillars of faith are the various religious beliefs of the survivors, mingling in depending on each cult’s background. The end result is a tight-knit religious order with a focus on mental, spiritual and physical resilience. The Tested hold self-sufficiency, simplicity and pride to be virtues, and base their spiritual life on constant gruelling ordeals to test their worth. These may be physical trials, such as fasting or infection with the sickness, but are commonly also tests of resolve and intelligence.
The Tested are the only group which possess a true cure for Mixi. The group was founded a few years after the infection first struck, when a group of scavengers found a research facility that had been working on a cure for the disease. Whilst this drug was still in early testing and had severe side-effects, it did manage to cure the sickness. The group spent several years working out how to create this drug from scratch, using salvaged chemicals and equipment, and eventually hit on a method for producing it.
Facilities that can produce the cure for Mixi are kept hidden by the Tested and heavily guarded. The group as a whole deliberately infect themselves with the disease as a religious rite, allowing the infection to take hold before the cure is administered. New converts are left for a longer period, so that they are on the verge of dying before they first receive the cure. Those that survive are initiated into the cult fully.
The tested are spread across the British Isles, living in small cults within the cities near to old hospitals, universities and chemical facilities. They mainly keep to themselves, practicing their bizarre religion and violently repelling any who disturb them, but occasionally a cult will launch a series of raids into the surrounding countryside to spread the infection, secure resources or contact new converts. For obvious reasons, the Tested are often mistrusted and feared by most other groups, particularly the Messenger organization. Nonetheless, their beliefs seem to be spreading, and their understanding of Mixi and how to treat it are far beyond that of other groups.

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