Starvation And Thirst

Finding food is never an easy task. A character must either have access to a surplice of food or acquire food on a day-to-day basis. A character requires a minimum of a single meal and a single drink each day.
Food can be found quite easily. A character can find edible plants using the Foraging skill, generally enough for a single meal. Foraging will normally have a difficulty of 4, higher in places with little to offer or on the off season but lower on land that used to farm food-crops. Foraging will generally only yield a single meal for the character foraging. Hunting is a less reliable way to gain food, but can yield several meals with a little effort. In order to hunt, a character must have located a prey animal and makes a Foraging roll just like if they were searching for any other food, however if prey is found, then the players will need to actual kill it somehow. A single kill yields 2 meals for a rabbit, duck or pigeon, 3 for a dog or goose, 4 for a sheep or pig, 5 for a deer and 6 for a cow or horse. A human corpse would also yield four meals should a character resort to cannibalism. Water sources can be found using Foraging or Navigation, with a difficulty of around 4, or characters can dig wells or similar. Normally, a character can carry 1 drink for each bottle they have on them, so they can go several days without needing to stay by a water source.
A character that does not eat at least one meal each day crosses off a box of their Nutrition resistance. A character that does not drink during a day crosses off a box in the same way. If a character can neither eat nor drink, cross off two boxes. As soon as a character can both eat and drink in a day, uncross one of the boxes on their Nutrition resistance. Each subsequent day that the character can feed themselves properly, uncross another.

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