Characters have three resistances: Health, Nutrition and Stamina. Health tracks the progress of Mixi in a character, and stamina tracks physical damage.
A resistance is recorded in the form of four rows of boxes- the number of boxes in a row is equal to the score the character has in that resistance. Each time a character takes damage to that resistance, cross off that many boxes, starting at the top and moving down. The highest row with empty boxes in indicates how much the character is affected- as a character becomes injured or unstable, they take successively more severe penalties to dice rolls.
For example, Murphy has 3 points in stamina, so her stamina track looks like this:

[ ] [ ] [ ] Intact -0
[ ] [ ] [ ] Hurt -1
[ ] [ ] [ ] Injured -2
[ ] [ ] [ ] Disabled -3
As the highest row with empty boxes in it is the top (healthy) she operates at no penalty.
She takes four points of damage from a thrown knife, so four boxes are crossed off, looking like this:
[X] [X] [X] Intact -0
[X] [ ] [ ] Hurt -1
[ ] [ ] [ ] Injured -2
[ ] [ ] [ ] Disabled -3
Now, the highest row with empty boxes in is the second (hurt) so Murphy takes a -1 to all dice rolls.

The four levels for Stamina are Intact (-0, the character has no injuries save for superficial scrapes and bruises), Hurt (-1, the character has some flesh wounds but nothing serious), Injured (-2, the character has broken bones, internal bleeding and other major injuries) and Disabled (-3, the character has serious, life threatening injuries and is on the verge of death). When a character has no empty boxes in Stamina, they will die from their injuries.
The four levels for Nutrition are Fed (-0, the character is perfectly healthy), Hungry (-1, the character is beginning to suffer the effects of their hunger), Malnourished (-2, the character is becoming emaciated from lack of food) and Starving (-3, the character’s body is giving up, and without intervention they will be dead soon.). A character that has no empty boxes of Nutrition dies of starvation.
The four levels in Health are Healthy (-0, the virus may or may not be in the character’s system, but there are no outward effects yet), Infectious (-1, the character is feeling ill, and may spread the sickness), Sick (-2, the character quite obviously has the mixi) and Dying (-3, the character has the mixi, and is not long for this earth). When a character has no empty boxes in Health, they die of Mixi.
It is worth noting that whilst physical damage is likely to be more prevalent, Mixi and starvation are harder to prevent and potentially more dangerous. At character creation, all Resistances start off with one point in them and may have a maximum of 5 points in them.

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