Random Food

Like with loot, the storyteller will frequently find themselves having to quickly come up with food found when the characters go foraging. After the players make a skill roll normally, the storyteller should roll a d6 to come up with random provisions and adapt the result to the character’s surroundings. A successful roll might only provide a single meal, but if the roll passed by a large margin (two or more, perhaps), then a single foraging effort might turn up multiple different food sources. Obviously, this depends on the scarcity of food in the character’s surroundings; a hilltop in midwinter simply has less food available than the woods in late summer.

Random Wild Food
1- Fruit, nuts or similar. Not much of it, but it’s right there.
2- Something potentially poisonous; mushrooms, berries or shellfish, perhaps. The food might need proper identification or careful preparation.
3- Tubers, bulbs or roots. Digging them out may take some effort, but they’re good for several meals.
4- Old farm plants; potatoes, corn and so on.
5- Animals, or their tracks; will provide several meals but need actually killing. Alternatively, eggs or similar.
6- A body of water with fish, shellfish or waterfowl. Alternatively, edible roots and bulbs in the water plants. Again, somewhat tricky to get the food, but also provides a source of water.

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