Quick Npcs

The Storyteller may need to come up with NPCs on the fly as the players encounter them. For that, we’ve given you a quick guide to making NPC stats up on the spot. Of course, these are only guidelines, and important NPCs benefit from having their stats planned out ahead of time to match their particular strengths.

Wild Animals
Wild animals have a Stamina score of 1 (for small animals such as rabbits and birds), 2 (for animals such as dogs, sheep and so forth) or 4 (for larger animals like horses and cows).
An animal will have two points in any relevant skills, probably chosen from Combat, Dodge, Stealth, Athletics and Perception. An animal such as a horse capable of running at extremely fast paces has 5 ranks in Athletics, and gets an extra +2 bonus on rolls relying on speed.
An animal that poses a threat when attacking (such as a dog biting, or trampling cattle) deals +1 damage on a successful hit.

NPC Children
Children have 1 in each resistance, and no points in skills. Despite being little bundles of joy, they are unfortunately not that competent.

Background NPCs
Background NPCs are those characters who basically don’t matter much to the player characters. They are the average shepherds, settlers and passers-by of the world. They have the basic package for their culture, and nothing else.

Challenging NPCs
A challenging NPC is one that the players are expected to come into conflict with, and which pose some risk to the player characters. A challenging NPC has the basic package for their culture. In addition, give them another 3 skills with 3 ranks in each, and increase each Resistance by one. Their skills will likely be those that the PCs come into conflict with them over (IE combat abilities in a fight, or social abilities in a social situation). A challenging NPC expecting to fight will likely have decent equipment, maybe a rifle or a large weapon, and protective clothing.

Powerful NPCs
Like Challenging NPCs, these NPCs represent a threat to the player characters. However, a powerful NPC is significantly better than a challenging NPC- these people are the movers and shakers of the game world, and can probably take on the party single-handed without being immediately outgunned. Generate these NPCs like challenging NPCs, but with their 3 chosen skills having 5 ranks in each and with each resistance 3 points higher.

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