Poison And Unsafe Food

Characters can be poisoned- either by venomous creatures such as snakes or deliberately by their enemies. Generally, to be poisoned a character’s skin must be pierced to introduce the venom to their bloodstream. As such, at least one box of Stamina damage must be dealt. Some poisons need only skin contact or to be inhaled, in which case no injury is needed to introduce the venom.
Once the venom is introduced, the character may get to make an endurance roll to resist it, or it may take effect automatically. If a character is poisoned, take the highest row on their Stamina track with uncrossed boxes, and cross off all remaining boxes. If the poison was delivered by an injury (such as snake-bite or on a poisoned weapon), this is done after crossing off boxes for the injury.
Not all food or water will be safe to consume. A character can treat unsafe water with purification tablets or set up a device to distil it. Unsafe food might be poisonous plants, tainted meat or substances that must be cooked to be safe to eat.
Food is harder to make edible, but cunning methods may render it safe to eat. If the character consumes unsafe food or water, they should make an Endurance roll (difficulty 5). If failed, they become violently ill, suffering from food poisoning. Depending on the nature of the substance consumed, they might be violently sick, run a fever or go into shock. Whatever happens, cross of a box of Stamina and all boxes below it just as if they had been poisoned.
Treating poison is a little more complex than treating injuries. Immediate attention (sucking venom from a wound before it takes effect or vomiting up unsafe food) may treat the poisoning before it takes hold, but otherwise a specific remedy will be required to treat the poison: antidotes or ways to purge the venom from the character’s system usually. These remedies may be difficult to locate in some cases, requiring old hospitals to be looted, but specific plants may be useful as well. Generally, an appropriate Knowledge (science, medicine or plants, maybe) will determine the cure to a known poison.
Damage from poison heals over time just like other any other damage.

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