The Messengers of Civilised Society (commonly known as the MCS or Messengers) are a large cult-like organization found across the South East and further afield. They are found living amongst other groups, but their loyalty lies with their own kind. They believe that elsewhere - ‘somewhere over the sea’ - civilization survived the coming of Mixi, and that it will be coming soon to rebuild England. They therefore believe that they must prevent the various societies from becoming unduly savage and lawless, so that when civilized forces arrive in Britain, the British will be worthy of re-joining more sophisticated cultures. To achieve their goals, the MCS are split into two orders: The Recruiters are open with their affiliation, spreading the word that civilization is returning and encouraging those that will listen to rebuild civilization. In contrast to this, the Agents keep their affiliation a closely guarded secret. They believe they must prevent society from leaving the correct path, and do this by sabotaging or murdering those that their superiors disapprove of. Whilst exact numbers are not known, Agents are rumoured to have infiltrated many communities and to hold great influence.
The MCS have a distinct pattern to their activities. A recruiter will pass through an area, spreading the message that civilization has survived and will be coming to England soon. Any individuals who seem particularly receptive to the recruiter’s words will be taken aside a short time later and asked if they wish to join. Those who respond badly are killed on the spot, as the recruiter will inevitably have allies with them. Those who politely decline are instructed to keep their mouths shut; these individuals are watched by other Messengers and may receive another invitation at a later point.
Those who accept are told to keep their membership secret. They are put in contact with other Messengers in the area, and often given weapons and poisons. They become one of the Agents, and will periodically receive instructions from their contacts - these will be small matters at first, but eventually an Agent may be instructed to commit murder or arson, to poison water supplies or to start wars. An Agent who completes these tasks gains prestige amongst their contacts and may be allowed to start issuing orders of their own to newer recruits.
An Agent who has proved their competence and loyalty is then offered a choice by their superiors. They can reveal their allegiance and become a Recruiter, keep working as a high-ranked Agent, or in some cases join a smaller group known as the Central Committee.
Members of the Central Committee leave whichever group they had previously lived amongst. The Messengers have a number of hidden dwellings set up which the Committee live within. They are given access to handwritten records of the Messenger’s membership and activities, and given significant authority over Recruiters and Agents. At this stage, the member’s machinations will cover huge areas and be able to make massive changes.
The true nature of the organization is unknown except to the upper echelons of the Committee, and subject to widespread speculation. Maybe they are working for some foreign organization, maybe they are merely a freemason-like group dedicated to accumulating power for its own sake, or maybe they really are preparing for when Britain is re-settled by an outside force.

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