Character Creation

Firstly, each player must select which of the four cultures their character comes from. Each culture comes with a starting package that all characters belonging to that culture have for free.
Each player then has 20 points to spend on their character. They always have at least one point of Stamina, Nutrition and Health, and can put a maximum of 5 points into each. They may take any number of knowledges, each one costing one point. They may take any number of skills, putting a maximum of 5 points into each one. They may take any equipment they wish, with each character point buying up to 5 ‘meals worth’ of gear. A character may take advantages at the cost listed, representing their place in society and resources. They may also take any flaws, representing the particular struggles they face. Flaws are worth ‘negative character points’; taking a flaw gives the character more points to spend.
The storyteller may restrict what you can play as, or give you certain requirements. For example, if they have a high-combat game planned in which the players fight MCS agents, then a player who turns up with an MCS character, or one utterly ineffective in combat, won’t fit into the game.
A group containing Skavvies, MCS agents or Tested and members of another culture is likely to experience problems as those two cultures have significant secrets of their own and avoid mixing with others. It’s advised that players work together to build a cohesive group with a shared background to avoid these issues.

Available Knowledges
Available Skills
Finishing Touches

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