How Characters Improve

At the end of each session, each character will gain a certain amount of experience. A character gains one point of experience if they were present for that session and at the storyteller’s discretion another point if the group succeeded in their goals during that session. This second point is a reward for the completion of an endeavor, and shouldn’t be awarded every session.
Whenever a character experiences a significant period of downtime, you may spend any or all of the experience points that character has acquired to gain new Knowledges, or improve their Skills or Resistances. Characters cannot buy equipment or advantages with experience; they must be acquired through in-character actions. Similarly, characters normally can’t spend experience to remove flaws, but the flaws can be mitigated through in-game actions. No amount of training and dedication will re-grow a missing eye, or convince an enemy to drop their vendetta. The exception is a those few flaws representing a purely mental weakness (such as Addiction or Sheltered), which can be overcome by the character spending experience.
One experience point is equivalent to one point in character generation. If a character’s Resistance improves, redraw the relevant Resistance table wider, and then cross of as many boxes as were crossed off previously. A character can never have a Skill or Resistance above 5.
When a new player character join the game, either because a previous character died or because a new player wants to join, they should get extra character points to spend, the same as the amount of experience the players have gained. The same applies if a player misses sessions; don’t let them fall behind the rest of the group.

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