The Healing skill can be used to heal damage done to Stamina. The difficulty for these tasks will normally be equal to the amount of damage taken. The healer’s roll is reduced by any wound penalties the patient is suffering for lost stamina, nutrition and health.
In combat or similar high stress situations, there will probably only be time for rapid first aid - if the skill roll succeeds, no damage is healed but the character can ignore wound penalties for the duration of the scene. Obviously, if the treated character is injured again they will be taking wound penalties again.
Outside of combat, more time may be taken and proper equipment and methods used. The amount the roll succeeds by is the amount of damage healed. This skill roll takes a few minutes to perform, at the very least. Making a first aid roll or healing roll in this way requires the use of suitable equipment, such as a Medical Kit.
A character who spends a day resting and recuperating, during which they don’t undertake any taxing activities, can heal up a single point of damage.
Between (or sometimes during) narrative arcs there is likely to be a significant period of down-time during which the storyteller may allow characters to heal all damage to their Stamina without worrying about the timing.

See also: Resistances

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