Characters are assumed to start off with clothing, food for a day and access to some shelter as a group. As well as this, minor items such as string, chalk, and other odds and ends can probably be taken for free. Any additional equipment must be taken from the list below at the cost given.
Each character point you spend gives you equipment worth the equivalent of five meals. The more points you put into equipment, the more ‘meals worth’ of equipment you can take. Equipment can easily be gained and lost during play, so we do not advise putting too much into gear initially.


Knife: Worth 1 meal
This is a simple weapon that can be used as a tool for some tasks. As well as using it in close-quarters fighting, a knife can be used as a throwing weapon in an emergency. It has a base damage of +1.

Hand Weapon: Worth 2 meals
This is a somewhat larger weapon- a sword, axe, hammer or similar. Most such weapons have other uses as well, and can be used as a tool for some tasks. They have a base damage of +2

Large Weapon: Worth 3 meals
This is a somewhat larger weapon- a spear, spade, pickaxe, chain or similar. A large weapon needs both hands to wield properly; you can’t carry a large weapon in one hand and a shield or spare weapon in the other. Such a weapon may have other uses beyond violence and might be usable as a tool for some tasks. They have a base damage of +3

Bow: Worth 2 meals
A bow is a simple ranged weapon that is easy to make, maintain and create ammunition for. A well made bow shoots nearly silently and has a range of up to a hundred meters. A bow has a base damage of +2.

Handgun: Worth 3 meals
A handgun is a pistol, either recently made or recovered. These guns are comparatively rare and seen as a status symbol by many. A handgun has a base damage of +3.

Rifle: Worth 4 meals
These weapons are somewhat bulkier than handguns and are both found and made more commonly. A Rifle has fantastic range and can deal huge amounts of damage. A rifle has a base damage of +4

Flamethrower: Worth 7 meals
Flamethrowers are specialised pieces of equipment designed to spray burning liquid across a target. They require a great deal of skill to handle safely, but are surprisingly easy to aim. Firing a flame-thrower requires a large amount of petrol; a single purchase of fuel will be enough for five shots. A flamethrower can hit multiple enemies that get caught in its spray. Each rolls dodge individually, and takes damage if they don’t beat your roll to hit. A flamethrower deals +4 damage.

Heavy Weapon: Worth 7 meals
Heavy Weapons are weapons such as rocket launchers, machine guns or harpoon guns. They fire specialized ammunition and are difficult to maintain, but are capable of doing huge amounts of damage. Most heavy weapons are lovingly maintained and regarded as irreplaceable by their owners. A heavy weapon has a base damage of +6.

Arrows: Worth 1 meal
Arrows are simple to make and easily traded for. A single purchase of arrows will provide a quiver of twenty. Arrows can be recovered from a target, unlike bullets.

Bullets: Worth 1 meal
Bullets are used up when fired, and in short supply. As such, they are a very valuable trading commodity. A single purchase of bullets gives a pouch of ten.

Bombs: Worth 1 meal
Bombs are explosive weapons. Old hand grenades, Molotov cocktails, crude pipe-bombs, pimped-out fireworks and other contraptions are all used. Each purchase gives the character a single bomb. A bomb can hit multiple enemies that get caught in its blast. Each rolls dodge individually, and takes damage if they don’t beat your roll to hit. A bomb deals +5 damage.


Protective Clothing: Worth 3 meals
Protective clothing is any thick or bulky clothing that might give them a modicum of protection such as a heavy coat or denim overalls. A character wearing Protective Clothing ignores the first 2 points of damage they take, after which the armour is wrecked and provides no protection until repaired. A character may only wear one suit of armour at one time.

Light armour: Worth 6 meals
Light armour consists of heavy leathers with some metal plates or similar protective gear. A character wearing Light Armour ignores the first 4 points of damage they take, after which the armour is wrecked and provides no protection until repaired. A character may only wear one suit of armour at one time.

Heavy Armour: Worth 9 meals
Heavy Armour consists of bulky purpose-built armour; stab vests, helmets, metal plates strapped over limbs and protective face masks. It allows the character wearing it to ignore the first 6 points of damage they take, after which the armour is wrecked and provides no protection until repaired. A character may only wear one suit of armour at one time.


Bike: Worth 5 meals
A pedal-bike is simple to maintain and does not require fuel to operate. However, compared to horses or vehicles, they are comparatively slow and have a low carrying capacity. Bicycles are a popular choice for traders and scouts, and many villages have a small group mounted on bikes that patrol their territory. Bikes have a Structure of 1, and a Ramming Damage of +0. Riding a bike uses Athletics, not Drive, and the bike gives its rider +2 to all athletics rolls relying on speed. A bike can carry one person and as much gear as they could hold on foot.

Motorbike: Worth 5 meals
Motorbikes are commonly used by Biker gangs or scouts for Skavvie bands. They are less fuel efficient than other vehicles and can only carry two people at a pinch, but are incredibly manoeuvrable and can cope easily with rough terrain. Most motorbikes are customized by their owners to have greater carrying capacity. Motorbikes have a structure of 2, and a Ramming Damage of +4. For rolls where a motorbike’s small size and manoeuvrability matter (such as negotiating broken terrain, or dodging attacks) a motorbike gives it’s user +2 to their Drive roll. A motorbike requires fuel to function.

Car: Worth 10 meals
A car is a motorized vehicle capable of carrying as many as 5 passengers and supplies. Working cars are in short supply, the majority having rusted to the point of uselessness or been taken apart for scrap metal and parts. Most working cars have received significant modification to reduce their weight or increase their ability to travel over rough ground- many also have weapons mounted on them. A car has a Structure of 4 and a Ramming Damage of +6. A car requires fuel to function.

Van: Worth 12 meals
A van is a large motorized vehicle that can carry huge amounts of supplies or as many as twenty people. Vans are rare and prized vehicles, usually only found in the possession of Skavvie bands who use them to carry their supplies from place to place. Most vans have been altered significantly, making them effectively mobile homes that can easily be defended and provide most amenities needed to live. A van has a Structure of 5 and a Ramming Damage of +7. A van requires fuel to function.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Camera: Worth 2+ meals
A camera allows you to take photographs of your surroundings, providing an accurate record of events. They are prized for by scouts and spies, and it is believed that MCS agents make great use of them. A basic camera comes with a single roll of properly-preserved film, and any extra meals worth you spend give you an extra roll. Developing the pictures taken requires access to a chemical workshop (represented with the Workshop advantage, although you can use somebody else's at a pinch if it's properly stocked) and a good amount of uninterrupted work.

Camouflage Netting: Worth 3 meals
Camouflage netting consists of a large piece of netting with rags of cloth loosely attached to resemble foliage. It can be cast over an item as big as a small car, combined with branches, leaves and so forth, to allow the item to be hidden without any penalties, although to do this the surroundings should be suitable; woodlands, scrub or similar. Camouflage netting can also be used to hide a person who remains perfectly still, giving them +2 to their Stealth rolls so long as they don't move.

Craftsman’s Tools: Worth 1 meal
This set of tools is adapted for one specific material, usually Metal, Wood, Cloth or Stone. In the right circumstances, it gives +2 to Crafting and Repair rolls.

Electrical Batteries: Worth 1 meal
This may be a single large car battery, or several smaller batteries for hand-held items. Either way, the batteries will be able to last several days continuous use. A character with the knowledge Technology might be able to recharge them with a difficulty 7 repair roll and the right equipment.

Fuel: Worth 3 meals
Petrol, bio-fuels and diesel are in short supply and are very valuable resources. Only the Skavvies know where to reliably find fuel, and it is guarded jealously. A single purchase of fuel is enough to run a vehicle for around a week.

Gas Mask: Worth 5 meals
A gas mask covers the characters face and prevents them from breathing in tainted air. The character gets +2 to Immunity rolls to avoid contracting Mixi from environmental exposure.

Local Map: Worth 3 meals
A map of the area might have been salvaged, or drawn up recently. Either way, it adds +2 to navigation rolls when traveling across country.

Matches: Worth 1 meal
Matches can be used to easily start fires, and are a very rare and valuable resource. A single purchase supplies a box of twenty.

Medical Clothing: Worth 2 meals
A set of disposable rubber gloves, breathing masks and goggles, worn to prevent cross-contamination when treating sick or injured individuals. Wearing protective medical clothing as a precaution gives +2 to the immunity roll to avoid contracting Mixi (or any other infection) whilst treating a sufferer.

Medical Kit: Worth 2 meals
A properly stocked medical contains antiseptics, bandages, drugs, braces for broken bones and painkillers. A medical kit gives a +2 bonus to Healing rolls to heal damage to Stamina.

Mixi Treatment Kit: Worth 1 meal
A Mixi treatment kit contains a number of drugs and herbal remedies, designed to combat the advance of Mixi infection. When used, you get +2 to your Healing skill when treating a Mixi sufferer.

Poison: Worth 2-8 meals
This is a poison that can coat weapons or arrows. It might be prepared from plants such as hemlock or foxgloves, or be a looted poison like those used in pest control. A victim who takes damage from a poisoned weapon must pass an Endurance roll (difficulty equal to the cost of the poison) or else suffers the normal effects of poison in addition to their injury. One purchase gives you a supply sufficient to last a careful user for several weeks use.

Scope: Worth 3 meals
This attaches to a single ranged weapon you own, such as a bow, handgun or similar. A scope allows you to aim more precisely, giving you +2 to your Shooting skill when you have time to carefully aim. Note that a scope will probably not come into play in the heat of combat, unless you are giving covering fire from some way away- with enemies rushing towards you, you have no time to aim properly.

Shield: Worth 3 meals
A shield is carried in one hand and designed to protect the user from incoming blows. It gives you +2 to your Dodge rolls to avoid being struck in a melee, and against arrows, bombs and other missiles. It provides no protection against bullets, which usually go straight through it.

Skeleton keys: Worth 1 meal
A set of skeleton keys makes the task of getting into locked buildings much easier, and give a +2 bonus to appropriate Lockpicking rolls.

Tent: worth 3 meals
A tent is a simple shelter, enough for three people to sleep comfortably in, or six at a pinch. A tent will protect those in it from the wind, rain and cold, and keep wild animals out of their supplies.

Torch: worth 1 meal
A simple electric torch that’s still in good working condition. Like other electric items, a torch requires batteries to function.

Trade Goods: cost 1 meal or more
Trade goods cover items such as food, alcohol, mechanical parts and so on that are frequently used for barter. A single purchase of trade goods is probably up to a backpack’s worth of goods, and is valuable enough to get a careless character mugged for it.

Walkie-Talkies: Worth 2+ meals
A set of two short-ranged radios tuned to the same frequency. Over flat ground, the radios have a range of about a mile, but buildings in the way will reduce reception somewhat, and hilly terrain between the radios may cut out the signal entirely. Additional radios on the same network can be bought for 1 meal each. Walkie-talkies require batteries to function.

Water Purification Tablets: Worth 1 meal
Water Purification tablets can be used to render dubious water safe to drink. A single purchase supplies a box of ten- each tablet will process around a pint of water.

Other Gear: cost varies
If you want to take any other significant equipment, ask your storyteller how many points any specific item is worth. Equipment that gives a bonus to a dice roll always has a static bonus of +2 in appropriate situations.

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