Dice Rolls

The game is designed so that only one dice roll is ever made- d6 plus skill. For the most part, we recommend dice rolls do not need to be made for simple or unimportant tasks. Don’t make players roll for things like talking to a contact or setting camp; just let them accomplish it based on their description. Rolls are for more risky actions such as finding food when you risk starvation, convincing an angry biker to back down or dodging in a fight. Similarly, it’s generally poor form to inflict things on players without giving them a chance to ‘roll it away’. Rather than stating that a character falls asleep, have them roll constitution. As an addition to that, some tasks (such as running or loading a gun) are so simple that they have a difficulty of 1 or 0- no matter what an uninjured character rolls, they will always succeed so there is no need to roll. However, an injured character may struggle with these actions, as reflected in the penalty to dice rolls. When a character is injured enough, expecting them to roll for these basic actions is a good way to get across the severity of their injuries.

Difficulty of tasks

0 (effortless)
A very easy task that even those in dire straits should manage.
Crawling, basic communication
1 (easy)
A basic task that can normally be taken for granted.
Running, shouting and so on.
2 (simple)
Any trained character takes this for granted, and it’s simple even to those without training.
Noticing large tracks, climbing a fence, un-jamming a gun.
3 (standard)
A trained character shouldn’t have a problem with it, but untrained characters will struggle.
Making arrows, swimming across a fast river, finding useful parts when looting an abandoned car.
4 (Tricky)
Fairly easy for a well-trained character. Without proper training the character is relying more on luck than skill.
Treating a deep wound, building a trap, finding edible plants in midwinter.
5 (Challenging)
This requires expertise or a lot of luck to pull off.
Navigating in the dark in unfamiliar territory, climbing a sheer cliff.
6 (Difficult)
This is near-to impossible for untrained characters, and an achievement for even skilled characters.
Calming a rabid animal, eating rotten meat without becoming sick.
7 (Demanding)
Very difficult tasks that will not succeed without talent and a lot of luck.
Building a gun from parts, finding edible plants in the middle of a city.
8 (Unlikely)
Normally not possible, but a skilled character can try.
Jumping onto a moving vehicle, Building a motorized vehicle from parts.
9+ (Near impossible)
Most characters stand no chance of succeeding, and those that can try will still fail most of the time.
Building an electrical machine, leaping from one roof to another across a street.

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