Various groups who's main function is violence exist, for the most part petty gangs that come together to rob, loot and scavenge for a time before disbanding. These groups are referred to by more civilized people as Gangers or Bikers, and they tend to be regarded as being untrustworthy and dangerous. The social structure in Ganger society is constantly changing as gangs go to war, form alliances or get themselves wiped out. The Gangers tend to be well equipped, and are the most likely to own motorized vehicles and firearms. Whilst some gangs simply take what they need by force, many others hire themselves out to Villagers or Skavvies as bodyguards and mercenaries.
At one point, the number of gangs in the South East was much higher, but over the last few years their numbers have dropped dramatically. Predictably, after years of being raided periodically by armed thugs, most groups have armed themselves and defend themselves against attackers. As such, many gangers have died, and out of those that remain large numbers have abandoned their gangs to join more stable groups.
Out of those who have remained in these gangs, the majority are no longer aimless raiders. The gangs find work as mercenaries in the various territorial wars between different groups. A gang might be tasked with raiding a village for their technology or guarding herds, or a hit might be taken out against the leaders of a rival group. Whatever the situation is, gangers are increasingly finding themselves drawn into the politics of the area.

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