Available Knowledges

Geography covers the lay of the land- the names of towns, major roads, and what resources and groups can be found where.

Herder Signs allows the character to recognise and understand the messages being sent through the marks Herder tribes leave behind them. This knowledge also makes the character aware of where to find emergency supplies hidden by local Herders.

History covers the events of the past. The initial creation and release of Mixi is covered by this knowledge, as is older history from before characters were born.

Literacy is the ability to read and write. Without this skill, all characters are barely literate by default, and will struggle to read more than a few words.

Local Politics gives the character an understanding of most key groups and individuals in the area, what their aims are, what values they hold and who is allied with or at war with who.

Medicine gives the character a basic understanding of human anatomy and how the human body can fail. Without this skill, a character’s approach to healing will be based on guesswork and rote learning, not understanding. Medicine may be needed to diagnose illnesses or understand how to treat more complex conditions.

Nature covers the plants and animals found in the wild. It covers such things as which plants are poisonous or can be used medicinally, a good understanding of animal behaviour, where different plants and animals might be found, and so on. Similarly, a character with Nature might be able to predict changes in the weather before those without can.

Numeracy covers the ability to use numbers beyond a very basic level. A character would probably need numeracy to calculate exchange rates when trading goods, for example.

Old Culture covers things left over from the past. It is used to identify and understand items and practices from before the coming of Mixi.

Science covers basic science; physics, biology and so forth. A character with this knowledge has scientific understanding similar to that gained from a good modern education.

Technology is a character’s familiarity with and understanding of technology; how devices function and what their purpose might be.
Technology is required in order to be able to make Crafts and Repair rolls relating to electronic gear.

Trade is the knowledge of what is valuable, and who can locate what goods. It gives the character a good understanding of the exchange rates between different goods, where particular commodities can be found, and what's in demand at the moment.

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